The Jeanne tote bag for Valentine’s day – process and thoughts

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Jeanne is amazing.
Jeanne is sparkling.
Jeanne is brilliant.
Jeanne is resolute.
Jeanne is empathic.
Jeanne is a woman of integrity.
Jeanne is generous.
Jeanne is beautiful.
Jeanne is my friend.

I have imagined this little tote bag for a long time.

A very simple canvas outside, something that reminds you of nature. Because Jeanne is a girl of sun. And she must be able to put in her notebook, her files. Because Jeanne is super-active.


And I wanted lamb leather for the straps, the letters and the cover on the lining. Because Jeanne is sophisticated.


And I also imagined a message. A little girly but akward, with letters with visible stitches. Because I tell many secrets in confidence to Jeanne, also embarassing ones. But we always do that in little boudoirs while drinking colorful cocktails.


And since I took some time to finish the tote bag and since we decided to meet again on Valentine’s day, I added the heart on the message. I quilted the leather to add volume and I added a black satin bias so that the heart pops out on the canvas.


Then I remembered an animal print cotton fabric that I had not used before. I thought it was fashionable and it was in the spirit of the bag. With a little pocket so that she can put her pencils and keys. Because Jeanne is sometimes absent-minded and she needs a place to put her things aside so that she does not need to look for them.


And I also quilted the leather of the cover on the lining. Because Jeanne’s notebook and pencils have to be carried in the most pleasant conditions.


In the end, I still thought something was missing. So I pulled out my Clarins rouge lipstick and I looked for the best place to stitch the kiss.


Once everything assembled, I thought I would deliver the tote bag. Because when Jeanne receives surprises, she is still as excited as a little kid and makes little jumps.


And the sweet flood of text messages when she opened the door.



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